Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

root canal treatment dubai

Root Canal Treatment, also called Endodontic Treatment, is a Dental Procedure that removes damaged nerve from within the tooth. The inside of the tooth is cleaned, filled and sealed permanently to avoid infection. Without the surrounding gum and bone will become infected and a Dental abscess forms. The warning signs that all are not well start early but tend to be ignored. Tenderness and Pain within the infected tooth can all be signs that there is the underlying infection and that an abscess may be forming.


Some people may see a small white bump on the side of the tooth, another sign of infection within the tissues.

Pain-Free Procedure

Patients dread the conventional treatment as it involves painful injections, is time-consuming and requires multiple visits but our latest approach at The DentalSPA is the Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment. Compared to the conventional method, this Laser Assisted Procedure effectively kills deep-seated bacteria in areas that are difficult to disinfect, cut down dental visits while increasing the success and reducing post treatment pain.


If you suspect a Dental Abscess or experience the first warning signs of ‘something not quite right’ within a tooth, book a priority appointment with our Dental Experts now by calling +971 4 395 2005.

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Root Canal Treatment in Dubai
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