Low Level Laser Dermatology

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Painless Treatments

Stimulate, Heal and Restore your skin with our Low Level Dermatological Therapy at The DentalSPA in Dubai. With Low Level Laser therapy, the stimulation of healing, relief of inflammation and restoration of function of your skin can be brought about at an increasing rate.


Low Level Laser Therapy is a widely used procedure in Dermatology. There is now an increasing inclination to non-invasive therapies for skin disease and skin conditions.

Uses and Applications

  • Increase rate of healing for chronic wounds such as diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers and pressure/bed sores.


  • For prevention of inflammatory dermatitis in cancer patients; it is usually done prior to radiation therapy.


  • Treatment for recurring herpes simplex infection.


  • Managing recurrence of acne, psoriasis and eczema
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Non Invasive Treatment

Low Level Laser is a safe and non-invasive method for skin rejuvenation. It heals, repairs, and improves your collagen production. It can improve skin tone and soften skin texture. It increases cell turnover, enhance circulation and give you an overall appearance of healthy skin.


To book your consultation and determine whether Low Level Laser is suitable for you, please call our reception at +971 4 395 2005.

Low Level Laser Dermatology
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