Low Level Laser Dentistry

Painless Dental Treatments

Laser Dentistry is commonly thought of as a substitution for the dreaded drill. Low Level Laser therapy is a non-invasive, pain-free treatment that can be used on almost all aspects of Dentistry. With every Dental Appointment, our Dentists can perform standard procedures with less pain, improved outcomes and no complications.


People nowadays are wary of over-prescription of drugs and medications. Low Level Laser Therapy is an effective alternative or an adjunctive tool to improve outcome of Dental Treatment.

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Uses and Applications

Post Surgical Treatment – Low Level Laser therapy can significantly reduce postoperative swelling, bruising, pain and inflammation. It helps with faster coagulation and shortens the healing period after oral surgeries.


Implants – Low Level Laser therapy during implant surgery decreases pain and inflammation. It improves the integration of implant into the bone and helps with bone and cartilage regeneration.


Endodontics – Low Level Laser therapy can stimulate endorphins and thus help reduce the need for pain medications after endodontic procedure. It can treat pain and inflammation after endodontic surgery. It can also treat hypersensitive teeth.


TMJ and Facial Pain – For acute or chronic facial pain, Low Level Laser therapy is an effective treatment option. Application on the masseter muscle can reduce the discomfort often associated with long Dental appointments. Patients can continue to suffer from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Syndrome despite years of medical therapy. Low Level Laser can ease the muscle tension and joint pain associated with TMJ (or jaw clicking).

Gingivitis and Gum Disease – Coupled with proper oral hygiene, Laser therapy is an effective treatment for gingivitis. In combination with conventional treatment, Laser therapy improves healing by reducing the inflammatory process in the gums.


Sores and Mouth Lesions – Canker sores, cold sores and herpes lesions respond well to Low Level Laser therapy. If treated at an early stage it can prevent cold sores from erupting and speed up the healing in case it has already erupted.


Orthodontics – Low Level Laser therapy after orthodontic treatment delays onset of pain and reduce its intensity.  In addition, it also improves speed of tooth movement.


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