Laser Hair Removal



Laser Hair Removal is a laser procedure and treatment offered here at the Dermatology Department at The DentalSPA, Dubai. This puts hair follicles under highly concentrated beams of light to eliminate them. As the pigment of these hair follicles absorbs the light, it is destroyed which prevents future hair growth and leaves the skin unscathed.


Unlike traditional methods like waxing, shaving and epilating which irritate the surface of the skin and only bring temporary relief, laser hair removal is the most potent method of hair removal that provides a permanent solution and does not damage the skin.

Laser Hair Removal in Dubai
Laser Hair Removal Dubai



Laser hair removal treatment is generally faster than waxing or shaving as the procedures for the underarm or bikini area take only about 20 minutes. It takes each pulse of the laser a fraction of a second to treat several hairs (approximately the size of a coin) at the same time. The upper lip and other smaller areas are treated in even less than a minute.


The results of laser hair removal surpass all other methods mentioned and in the long run, saves your hard earned money. Being a permanent solution to all hair removal related problems, there is no more need to purchase an endless supply of razors and shaving cream or book monthly waxing appointments.



Unlike waxing, there is no downtime to allow your skin to heal after undergoing a laser hair removal, allowing you to shave as much as you like between sessions and not having to wait for your hair to grow out.


The Dermatology Department in The DentalSPA Dental and Medical Clinic are the leading practice regarding laser treatments, ensuring that all our clients get the best results through a safe and effective laser hair removal treatment, achieving smooth, silky and soft skin.


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Laser Hair Removal Dubai
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