Laser Dentistry in Dubai

Laser Treatment has increasingly acquired popularity and has become a standard procedure since the 70’s. The DentalSPA was one of the first dental clinic in Dubai to have used it in practice since 2005. Today, we use laser dentistry for various treatments including dental fillings, root canals and surgeries.


At The DentalSPA in Dubai, we will provide you with special protective goggles to wear for the safety of your eyes. Laser Dentistry is painless alternative to the traditional dental services that other clinics offer.

laser dentistry dubai


Root Canal Treatment in Dubai is one of the most feared treatments in Dentistry. Conventional root canal procedures involve painful injections and multiple visits.


The DentalSPAuses the latest approach – Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment. Compared to the conventional method, this effectively kills deep seated bacteria in areas that are difficult to disinfect. It reduces the need for multiple visits and increases the success of the treatment while minimizing post-treatment pain.

The DentalSPA uses laser technology to assist in dental surgeries and operations. They reduce discomfort and pose a decreased risk for bacterial infections and reduced inflammation and bleeding. Laser Technology also speeds up the regeneration of the gums, post surgery.


Light Amplification by Stimulated Emmission of Radiation, or LASER therapy uses concentrated beams of light to either remove or administer treatment to the soft/hard gum tissues in your mouth.

Low Level Laser takes Dentistry into new realms. Low Level Laser therapy is a non-invasive and pain free treatment that can be used in conjunction with almost all aspects of Dentistry. With every Dental Appointment, your Dentist can perform standard procedures with less pain, improved outcomes and no complications


People nowadays -are wary of over-prescription of drugs and medications. Thanks to Low Level Laser Procedures, many treatments for post-surgeries and other applications can be easily taken care of, without the need for prescription drugs.

Overexposure of the gums is just as unattractive as underexposure when smiling. A beautiful smile is highly valued in today’s society. A gummy smile is a frequent complaint from patients seeking improvement in their aesthetic appearance. A smile is considered unattractive when more than 4 mm of gums are exposed.


Today’s dentistry provides several options in treating a gummy smile including a laser gum lift, botox and even orthodontics – to a small extent.

The DentalSPA uses laser technology to assist in Dental Filling procedures, for fast, efficient and effective results. We use only tooth-colored fillings to help keep the aesthetics and restore your smile to its former glory, our Laser Assisted procedure speeds up the process and minimizes your downtime.

Sensitive teeth exist due to a number of factors. Tooth hypersensitivity is a frequent condition that causes discomfort and sometimes severe pain.


Laser treatments have been proven to be effective at decreasing and eliminating tooth sensitivity. The DentalSPA treats tooth hypersensitivity by Laser root desensitization. It is a simple, pain free procedure that requires no anesthetics.

Dark gums are caused by hyperpigmentation which is a darkening of the gums caused by melanin. Whilst people with darker skin tones are more prone to hyperpigmentation, dark gums can also be caused by poor dental hygiene, smoking, constant and long-term consumption of dark-coloured foods and carbonated drinks.


At the DentalSPA Dental and Medical Center, we use Lasers to safely and effectively remove deep discoloration from the gums. The Laser Technology we use is the latest generation soft-tissue Laser and provides excellent results.

Sleep Apnea (or snoring) affects quality of sleep and causes social as well as serious health problems. Sleep apnea is a serious condition resulting from snoring and leading to brain oxygen deprivation, leading to a number of health problems, from fatigue to the migraine, seizures, and heart attacks.


The DentalSPA uses cutting edge Laser anti-Snoring treatment that is non-surgical, non-invasive, painless treatment approach to Sleep Apnea and Snoring The use of Er.YAG Laser in the treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea has proven to be painless, safe and effective.

Laser Dentistry in Dubai
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