Dr. Ahmed Amer

Cosmetic Dentist in Jumeirah

Dr. Ahmed Amer


Since relocating to Dubai from Canada and opening his Medical and Dental Center on the Jumeirah beach road, The DentalSPA, more than a decade ago, Dr. Ahmed Amer has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the city’s leading Cosmetic Dentist & Laser Dentists. Dr. Ahmed Amer is a wellknown Cosmetic Dentist in Jumeirah.


The DentalSPA Medical & Dental Center focuses on bringing the right set of combination between comfort, health, wellness and beauty to each and every patient. A visionary within the field of health and wellness, Dr. Ahmed Amer has expanded his center to include Botulinum Toxins and Fillers, Dermatology, Laser Non-surgical Face lifts, and Anti aging Treatment in Dubai.


Dr. Amer is a Family Dentist and one of the best Cosmetic Dentist in Jumeirah, Dubai, who trained and practiced in North America, for over 12 years before coming to Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2000. With the art of Dentistry changing continuously, Dr. Amer believes in keeping up to date by attending research and educational courses worldwide to keep him abreast of the very latest in Dental Technology and advances.


A keen academic, Dr. Amer is a founding member of the Laser in Dentistry Study Club in the UAE (part of the Emirates Medical Association) and he is associated with The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry; The American Academy of Laser Dentistry; The American Academy of General Dentistry; The International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry; World Federation for Laser Dentistry and The UAE Medical Association.


Dr. Ahmed Amer believes in the power of Laser Technology for Dental Care, Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Medicine, he has ensured his practice is one of the first in the Middle East to make tomorrow’s technologies available to today’s patients.

Dr. Ahmed Amer
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