Dental Emergency


In the event that you’ve had an injury to the mouth and/or jaw, regardless of the cause, you’ll need to see our 24-hour emergency dentist straight away. Postponing treatment for a dental emergency can only increase the risk of permanent damage later on, resulting into a more extensive and expensive treatment. Whether you’ve been suffering from a broken tooth, a lost/damaged filling or are desperately seeking remedies for a toothache, don’t delay treatment for your dental emergency any further.


In some cases, a tooth can even be spared depending on the damage and how quickly you reach out to Emergency Dentist in Dubai at The Dental SPA.


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Round The Clock Emergency Treatment


Injuring or losing a tooth outside of opening hours can be frustrating especially on the off chance that you aren’t able to find a dentist that opens for longer hours in-case of an emergency dental treatment. The Dental SPA Dubai, dental clinic in Dubai caters for these instances and is accessible even after hours.


If you take immediate action to save your tooth, with an emergency treatment,  you can save yourself a lot of pain with Laser Dentistry. Once you call for the emergency, our team of specialists can advise you in the most effective way to look after you and your tooth until you reach The DentalSPA – the sooner the better.

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