You snore, you lose!

You snore, you lose!

How to save your relationship from snoring

Picture this: you are finally in bed—the moment you have been waiting for all day—and as you rest your head gently on the pillow, your partner starts whirring, snoring and breathing heavily.

Does your partner’s snoring drive you out of bed—or possibly out of the house?

While many couples are not aware of this problem, the ceaseless snoring and sleep deprivation put a strain on the relationship due to lack of rest.

As a result, irritation, tension and aggravation run high—which inevitably leads to anger and resentment.

According to a study conducted by the University of California at Berkeley, researchers assessed how a poor quality of sleep can negatively impact marital relationships.

The findings also suggest that sleep disruption leaves husbands and wives unaware of the moods and the needs of their partners.

This might come as a surprise to you but snoring is estimated to be the third most common cause of divorce in the US and Great Britain.

Hang on—no need to file for a divorce just yet.


Snoring solutions

It’s nothing to be ashamed of—snoring is a natural occurrence due to the relaxed state your throat moves into during sleep.


Laser snoring treatment

Laser snoring treatment is a non-invasive laser surgery that repairs the anatomic cause of snoring by trimming the uvula and soft palate. Our clinic The Dental Spa offers laser snoring treatment in Dubai with the patient fully awake and sitting comfortably in a chair. Dr. Amer is a formally trained sleep apnea dentist and recognized as an expert in the field of sleep therapy. He is well versed in the construction of oral appliances therapy, that’s why he effectively handpicks the most advanced devices for your unique sleeping disorder. To learn more about Dr. Amer and to get a free consultation, contact us today.



Anti-snoring pillow 

We live in a day and age where a pillow can alleviate snoring and help you sleep and breathe easy. Anti-snoring pillows are perfectly designed in a manner to align the sleeper’s jaw and open airways, elevating the airflow—and making it easier to breathe. The pillow is specifically designed to support the head—allowing the snorer to sleep on their side comfortably.



Stay hydrated

Drink lots of fluids. When dehydrated, secretions in the nose and soft palate become stickier—which create more snoring. According to the Institute of Medicine, healthy women should drink about 11 cups of total water; men require 16 cups.


For the best night’s sleep:

  • Get regular sleep
  • Sleep on your side
  • Avoid alcohol consumption before bedtime
  • Take a hot shower if nasal passages are clogged


Treat chronic allergies

Allergies can decrease airflow through your nose, which forces you to breathe through your mouth. This increases the chances of snoring. Spring allergies—such as pollen from trees, weeds and grass—are all contributing causes of snoring. Recognizing what you are allergic to and treating these allergies is an important step towards fixing snoring problems.


You don’t have to live with irritating, sleep-disrupting snoring.

Recognizing the causes is pivotal to treating the problem of snoring—and to saving your relationship.

Take action and seek help. You will sleep better at night and function better during the day—as well as help save your relationship with your significant other.


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