Why We Should Be Your #1 Choice

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Why We Should Be Your #1 Choice


 the DentalSpa

Since we opened our doors back in 2005, we’ve grown dramatically in both size and reputation in the region and are now considered one of the most credible and reliable dental spas in the UAE thanks to the high quality service and extremely innovative technology that it offers to its patients.

Services we offer

Lead by our resident dentist, Dr Amer, we not only offer a host of high-tech general and cosmetic dental treatments including some of the more basic s such as fillings, root canal, Lumineers, Veneers, Ameneers, teeth whitening, but also we offer TMJ And headache treatment, laser anti-snoring treatment, clear aligners and orthodontics and essential Oral Cancer Screenings.   Our team of Specialist Dermatologists offer innovative Dermatology treatments which include Botox, Microdermabrasion, Non-surgical liquid and thread facelifts, clinical dermatology treatments for acne and ageing and the highly popular Botox treatments to relieve excessive sweating. We’ve built a reputation for ourselves in the country as being one of the top laser dental and dermatology spas, which is pain, noise-free, non-invasive and in many cases no need for injections, giving you a happier, more comfortable overall spa experience.

Laser technology can be used in dental treatments to combat gum disease, create fillings, desensitise teeth, correct a ‘Gummy Smile,’ and alleviate snoring using innovative technology, while laser cosmetic treatments include Laser Skin Tightening and Resurfacing, the removal of Sun Spots, Laser Tattoo Removal, Laser Hair Removal and Laser Removal of Vascular Lesions. We work closely with globally renowned dermatologist, Dr Hoshy, who, while is based in the United States, visits The Dental Spa regularly to treat many of its loyal customers who often wait months to get an appointment with him. We are fortunate to also have a female Specialist Dermatologist, Dr Iman Fathi, who is very well known for her PRP treatment (aka Vampire facial), Thread Lifts and laser treatment for scars, just to name a few.

the DentalSPA Exclusive Treatments

Dr Amer has spent over 28 years perfecting his knowledge of dental treatments and continues to constantly update the treatments he offers to his patients based on innovative technology and global studies. He has also spent years creating his very own treatments, which are exclusive to the DentalSPA and have accumulated a loyal following within the Middle Eastern region. Thanks to the rise of the celebrity culture around the world, smile make-overs, often referred to as a ‘Hollywood Smile’ or ‘Custom-Designed Smile’ have gained massive popularity and today, one of Dr Amer’s most requested treatments is his Ameneers dental treatment which he created. Similar to veneers, which traditionally see a layer of porcelain attached to the surface of the tooth to correct the shape, colour and alignment, Dr Amer has developed Ameneers as a brand new, high-tech generation of veneers, which are non-invasive and require absolutely no cutting of the viable tooth structure. Ameneers are made from fibreglass which help to match the natural radiance and strength of the tooth and as they are as thin as a contact lens, Ameneers can be bonded directly to the surface of the tooth helping to create a comfortable, natural cover, making them a more wearable solution. Ameneers are exclusive to The Dental SPA and are performed by Dr Amer only, which has gained him massive popularity, over the years.

We also offer a highly popular alternative to braces, which comes in the form of Clear Aligners, which Dr Amer specialises in. With dentistry solutions advancing significantly over the years, this development has given people, no matter their age, many options to reposition their teeth without having to suffer the embarrassment of outdated ‘Train-Track’ braces. Clear Aligners have gained massive traction across the world thanks to the growing celebrity following who use this treatment to perfect their Hollywood Smiles while not having to compromise their appearance. Clear Aligners are comprised of clear plastic to form a casing that is formed to fit your teeth perfectly and can be applied and removed as needed, provided they are worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day and dentists are confident that a beautiful, confident smile can be achieved in as quickly as four months by using this treatment.

the Dental SPA also specialises in Temporomandibular Disease / Disorders (TMJ), headache treatments, laser anti-snoring treatments, laser herpes and cold sore treatments, gum and lip bleaching / depigmentation and bad breath treatment.

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