Ground Breaking Treatment in Anti Aging – Nano Fat Grafting

Nano Fat Grafting

Ground Breaking Treatment in Anti Aging – Nano Fat Grafting

What is Nano Fat Grafting or the Liquid Facelift?

Nano Fat Grafting is the latest procedure for facial rejuvenation and is also known as Micro-Fat Grafting or SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction). This procedure uses the body’s own natural fat to refine facial features, treat deep lines and acne marks and rejuvenate the face. Since no artificial substances are used, this procedure is completely safe.

This revolutionary new treatment works best for very targeted and delicate areas on the face. The results achieved with this are way beyond those that can be achieved with any other form of treatment regardless of cost.

How does Nano Fat differ from routine Structural Fat Grafting?

Nano Fat Grafting is used to target fine lines and wrinkles, skin rejuvenation and scars. Structural Fat Grafting is used to revive the facial structure by restoring overall facial volume with improved, rejuvenating contours in areas such as cheeks, jaw lines and more. These two procedures are commonly performed together to achieve the best positive results.

How and why does Nano Fat grafting work?

The success of Nano fat grafting lies in the treatment’s unique ability to rejuvenate tissue primarily because fat is incredibly rich in both growth factors and stem cells. As a result, Nano Fat is incredibly successful for treating skin scars and wrinkles.

What to expect from this procedure?

The process begins by harvesting fat from the desired areas using liposuction. Common areas for harvesting are the flanks, inner knees, buttocks, abdomen, and outer thighs. Unlike the Brazilian Butt Lift and Liposculpture, Nano Fat requires small amounts of fat.

The fat is processed and refined down to very small particles of fat, the Nano level, by emulsification. These are much smaller than those used for structural fat grafts. The fat is then spun in a centrifuge in order to separate it from other fluids. This also helps select the best quality fat for longevity. Once the filtration and purification are complete, the fat is injected precisely into the desired areas.

It is important to note that you won’t leave the operating room looking great. The treated area could be swollen for about 2-3 weeks before you are able to see a difference and it could take up to 6 months for the permanent results. This is because the injected fat needs time to adjust to its new environment. While some fat cells might be absorbed back into the body, the transplanted stem cells will stay where they are placed. These will heal the surrounding skin and repair any damage.

What can Nano Fat Grafting do for me?

It can restore and improve the appearance of your skin, and give a more fresh and youthful feel to your face. Many people prefer Nano Fat Grafting because it is safe, minimally invasive and a natural way to augment your appearance. It is perfect for wrinkles, scars, skin discoloration, sun damage and dark under-eye circles.

Because of the nature of this procedure, there are no risks of lumpiness after the injection. The Nano Fat disperses well and creates a smooth filling in the injected area. It can also be used to treat difficult wrinkles on your neck, chest and hands as well as other body areas. Also, there are no allergic reactions since the body’s own natural resources are being utilized.

If you are considering different procedures to achieve the same results, Nano Fat Grafting can be a much more economical option with both your time and money. Plastic Surgeon, Dr Parag Telang specializes in Nano Fat Grafting and is available for appointments. Call 04-3952005 for an appointment.

Ground Breaking Treatment in Anti Aging – Nano Fat Grafting
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