After recently undergoing extensive surgery in my mouth and on my neck, the skin on the left-hand side of my face broke out in what can only be described as an outbreak of adult acne. Allowing it to clear naturally left  me with scarring on the side of my jaw from several of the spots.

A friend suggested I should consider Microdermabrasion as a treatment for the remaining scars, along with a general refresh for my skin. Having never had a facial, let alone any more involved treatments, I was not only skeptical, but also worried about the pain, side effects and cost of a treatment like this.

Fast forward to three Microdermabrasions later from The DentalSPA, and I need not have been worried at all. The 40-minute, painless process is a combination of cleaning and clearing excess dirt from your skin. Then plumping the clean skin and stimulating blood, followed by the use of a small hand piece that emits micro crystals onto the surface of the skin. That results in the gentle abrasion, polishing and removing of dead skin cells.

The painless process has left my skin visibly clearer after the initial treatment, with the majority of acne scars completely gone after the third treatment. My skin is brighter and has a far more even complexion in areas where sun spots were previously noticeable.

A lovely bonus is that The DentalSPA offer a relaxing foot or hand massage while you’re undergoing the treatment. (A very welcome surprise!)

When you should consider microdermabrasion:

If you have acne scars, minimal sun damage and fine wrinkles.
For a brighter, clearer skin with a healthy glow.
If your pores are clogged or you often suffer from blackheads.
Also for maintenance of healthy and clear skin.

Microdermabrasion is great as there’s no downtime from the treatment. Moreover, it is cost effective and works for most skin types and colors.

Microdermabrasion from The DentalSPA is AED 350 per session and / or AED 800 for three (3) consecutive treatments.
For more information about Microdermabrasion facials , or to book yourself in for the treatment, please call The DentalSPA on +04 395 2005 or visit for more information.

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