Keep your little back-to-school troopers smiling with a drill-free and pain-free dental check up at the DentalSPA

Keep your little back-to-school troopers smiling with a drill-free and pain-free dental check up at the DentalSPA

It’s back-to-school season already, and mums and kids alike are excited but nervous at the prospect of either starting a brand new year or kicking off the whole schooling process altogether. One less thing to worry about however is the dental health of your child, as the DentalSPA has you covered with its variety of drill and pain-free dental options, which promise to put your little ones at ease.

A trip to the dentist can be terrifying with thousands of adults around the world petrified of their annual check ups, which is why it’s so important to ensure that your children’s initial dental experiences are happy, comfortable ones. Specializing in innovative laser technology, we offer clients a variety of options, which are pain-free, non-invasive and virtually noise-free, meaning your child will be smiling before, during and after their check up – bonus!

Laser technology has taken the world by storm in recent years, especially in treating young patients, and is an affordable option costing just 15-20% more than conventional, traditionally ‘scary’ methods. Our resident dentist, Dr Amer has years of experience both internationally and locally and thanks to his expert status as a laser dentist, he has established a flawless reputation for himself in Dubai. Just as importantly, Dr Amer’s status as a father to two young girls also means that he has the natural ability to put kids of all ages at ease, making their dental experience a happy one.

For older children requiring braces, we offer a highly popular alternative to those outdated ‘train-track’ braces, in the form of Clear Aligners, which Dr Amer specializes in. With dentistry solutions advancing significantly over the years, this development has given people additional options to reposition their teeth without having to suffer the inconvenience and embarrassment of traditional track braces resulting in beautiful, confident smiles that can be achieved, in most cases, within just four months by using this treatment.

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