Is Kissing Dangerous to Your Health?

Is Kissing Dangerous to Your Health?

Is Kissing Dangerous to Your Health?


The mouth contains a mixture of both good and bad bacteria, and those “bad” bacteria include the ones that cause cavities and Gum Disease. Kissing someone who has Gum Disease or cavity-causing bacteria can cause someone else who previously had a low concentration of “bad” bacteria to “catch” Dental problems, due to the increased concentration of “bad” bacteria — especially if that person has poor oral hygiene habits, which set the stage for tooth decay.

Gum Disease can be passed from parents to children and between partners. “Bad” bacteria can be transmitted whether it’s just a quick sip from a drink or an intimate kiss. The saliva exchanged when sharing a drinking glass, or even a kiss can transmit the bacteria that cause Gum Disease.

Here’s the Good News:

Even if your kissing partner has Gum Disease, you don’t have to stop kissing to protect yourself. Gum Disease is not only caused by the presence of the “bad” bacteria, but also the poor oral hygiene habits that “set the stage” for Dental issues, or it can be caused by the presence of the “bad” bacteria along with a compromised immune system or an immune system that’s still developing, as is the case with children. Just be sure that you are practicing good oral hygiene — that’s regular brushing and flossing and seeing your Dentist regularly.

If you’re a parent:

Don’t allow your children to share utensils, drinking glasses, or saliva in any way. Even if you don’t have Gum Disease, children’s immune systems are still developing. Thus introducing adult bacteria into the mouth is no match for the bacteria in a child’s mouth. That upsets the flora in their mouth and makes them prone to Gum Disease.

If you have bleeding gums or a Gum Disease diagnosis:

Don’t kiss children or people with a compromised immune system, canker sores, or open sores or wounds in the mouth. Do not share utensils, drinking glasses, or water bottles with children.

If you have exchanged saliva with someone with poor oral hygiene:

Don’t worry — your immune system, if healthy and well, can handle this infection. Just because you got someone else’s bugs from kissing or sharing a drink doesn’t mean you will get Gum Disease.

No matter who you’ve kissed, if you’re in the habit of flossing, brushing, and getting teeth cleanings regularly, then you are preventing Gum Disease every day.

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