Dental treatment While Pregnant, Yes or no?

Dental treatment While Pregnant

Dental treatment While Pregnant, Yes or no?

Dental Treatment While Pregnant

Always to keep your teeth and oral health in shape, especially at the time you are planing your pregnancy, it would simplify everything. Also, ask for and make sure that you choose the Dentist with most experience in pregnancy cases and the Dentist that uses Laser the most, as Dental Lasers are the safest, most noninvasive treatment option in general and especially during that delicate time of pregnancy.

Safety of dental treatment during pregnancy is a major worry for most expecting mothers. Pregnancy is a time of information overload and confusion, especially of you are first time pregnant. There are so many life style and health issues that need to be implemented and understood correctly while being pregnant.

Keeping your oral health in a great shape is fundamental to your baby’s health and safety as well as yours during pregnancy, there are a few simple things to remember:

1. Inform the Dentist

Dental Checkups and visits are safe during pregnancy. The facts are, you need to see the Dentist on more frequent basis, as in every 3 months or ‘trimester’ during your pregnancy for Teeth Whitening and checkup. The hormonal changes happening to your body have an impact on your gum health that needs to be monitored and controlled closely during these periods. Just make sure to inform the dentist of your due date, if you feel any changes in your oral health and what medications you are taking.

2. X-rays or No x-rays?

If you saw the dentist regularly, x-rays can be postponed until after your delivery. However, if x-rays are required, the use a lead apron to protect your body from the neck down, should be used. And it is safe for regular dental x-rays to be taken then during pregnancy.

3. Second trimester ‘3rd to 6th month’ is the time for any invasive Treatment

At that trimester, Dental Emergency surgical procedures ‘if needed’ may be performed with special medical consideration.

4. If you need an Emergency dental procedure while pregnant

There is no danger of seeing the dentist if the problem cannot wait until after your baby is born. Keep in mind that the risks of not treating oral pain, swelling or infection may outweigh the minimal risks associated with getting dental treatment during pregnancy. There are medications, local anesthetics, antibiotics and pain killers that could be used safely during pregnancy.

5. After all, Make sure you are comfortable

You have to be comfortable with any and all decision related to any treatment. Also, you need to be physically comfortable sitting in the dental chair during treatments. Ask your dentist if they are equipped and experienced in dealing with pregnant patients.

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