Ice Cream for Dental Health?

Ice Cream for Dental Health

Ice Cream for Dental Health?

Ice cream is an ancient food, with evidence of it being made by Arabs during the 10th century. The earliest versions of the treat were flavored with wholesome ingredients such as rosewater and dried fruits and typically reserved for the wealthy. Now it is available in every flavor imaginable, to almost everyone worldwide.

Not all ice creams are created equally and some frozen treats are loaded with candy, chemicals and binders. Others contain wholesome ingredients (such as low fat dairy, whole fruit and nuts), that can help promote Dental health.

Low-Fat Ice Cream Delivers Dairy

The right ice cream can help meet certain nutritional goals associated with the dairy group. Dairy foods are naturally rich in vitamins essential for Dental health. Children aged 2-8 years should consume 2 cups of milk products on a daily basis and everyone else should consume 3 cups a day. Dairy makes a contribution to an individual’s recommended daily calcium intake (which boosts Dental health and minimizes conditions such as tooth decay and Gum Disease). The key is choosing the best ice cream possible and then ensuring that the rest of the calories consumed for the day are healthy choices that help counter balance any empty calories that are part of the ice cream flavoring process.

Aside from eating the healthiest ice cream available, consumers need to conduct their Dental care with diligence in order to minimize the odds of developing Dental problems. Brushing, flossing and regular Dental visits are essential for Dental health.


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