How to Pick the Right Dental Fillings for Your Teeth

Right Dental Fillings for Your Teeth

How to Pick the Right Dental Fillings for Your Teeth

Dangers of Old Amalgam Fillings and Safe Replacement Options

Filling is a process in which the normal anatomy of the tooth is restored by filling it with a synthetic material. The dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth and fills it after cleaning. Material used to fill these spaces can be made up of porcelain, gold, renin and amalgam. This filling material helps in preventing further decay by closing off any spaces or cracks where bacteria could enter. The 3 general types of fillings are amalgam filling, gold filling and tooth colored composite fillings.

Dangers of Old Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam is made from liquid mercury and powdered alloy metals, such as copper, tin and silver. This type of filling is also known as silver filling. Amalgam fillings have been used since decades for repairing cavity damaged teeth of millions of people. However, according to the latest research, these amalgam fillings leak toxic and dangerous mercury into the human body.

According to the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), these fillings release a harmful and toxic mercury vapour, which travels inside the body depositing in all the internal organs.

The Mercury vapors are released due to different types of stimulation, such as chewing gum and food or grinding the teeth, several dental procedures, for example dental cleaning and heat. Some of the prominent symptoms and signs of Mercury Exposure from Amalgam or silver fillings include irritability, nausea, anxiety, speech impairment, ringing ears, memory loss, insomnia, tingling and burning of the lips, numbness of face, concentration problems, depression, metallic taste, shoulder pain and stiff neck, bleeding gums, balance issues, pain and shocks in brain, muscle weakness, drowsiness/lethargy, numbness and tingling and tremors in fingers, hands and feet.

Safe Replacement Options

While traditionally amalgam and gold fillings have been used, we, at the Dental SPA Clinic use composite fillings as they are less noticeable when you smile. You can now protect your teeth from the dangers of amalgam fillings.

Benefits of Tooth-colored Composites

There are four major advantages to composite fillings.

  • Aesthetics: You can match the color or shade of the composite fillings closely to the color of existing teeth. These fillings are well suited particularly for the visible parts of teeth or front teeth.
  • Bonding to tooth structure: These fillings chemically bond to the tooth structure, thus providing it better support.
  • Versatility: Composite fillings are not only used as a filling material for decay, but they can also be used in repairing chipped, worn or broken teeth.
  • Tooth-Sparing preparation: When composite fillings are used, less tooth structure is replaced while removing decay as compared with amalgam fillings.

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