Help your Kids Brush their Teeth

Help your Kids Brush their Teeth

Help your Kids Brush their Teeth

Importance of Supervision

Most parents have a hard time having their children brush their teeth twice a day. Children brushing their teeth should always be supervised by the parents up to the age of 7, but most have the problem of having their children continue brushing on their own after that age. Dental cleaning and regular brushing prevents gum disease, bleeding gums, bad breath, cavities and need for dental fillings or root canals.

These are some recommendation that might help you getting them into the habit.

  • Choose an interesting brush. Most brands now have different shapes and themed brushes that may entice your child to use it.
  • Lead by example. Try to time at least one of your brushing times along your kid’s
  • Tooth paste is not a problem. Whether your child likes a specific flavor or does not like to use tooth paste altogether, brushing is the most important.
  • Complement and reward. Regular brushing deserves a positive response.

And finally, remember that all children activities should be fun and lively, make surprises, have brushing contest etc…. we hope this will make it fun for all of you in the family.

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