Flossing and Weight Loss

Flossing Weight

Flossing and Weight Loss

Besides overeating and lack of movement, research has also found that there is a correlation between carrying extra weight and having high levels of oral bacteria. The British Dental Health Foundation analyzed saliva samples from 500 women, 60% of which were classified as clinically obese.

The saliva samples were compared to those of healthy women and 98% of the overweight women had significantly higher levels of Elenomonas Noxia, a strain of bacteria linked to Gum Disease and poor Dental health. The suggestion is that the presence of the bacteria may be an indicator for future weight gain.

Individuals interested in dropping some extra weight and keeping their smile intact are encouraged to avoid fad diets as they may cause more harm than good. Instead follow a balanced food plan and include both Dental hygiene and Dental check-ups to get an advantage.

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