Enhance Your Career with a Bright White Smile

Enhance Your Career with a Bright White Smile

Does smiling have a persuasive effect when trying to land the ‘Dream’ job? While not everyone places a high price tag on facial expressions, cosmetic dentistry can make a significant difference in anyone’s career advancement.

What’s in a smile? A smile works on both the physical and emotional level to transfer positive feelings between two people.  A beautiful smile can communicate a sense of well-being and intelligence to those who see it.  Let’s discuss a few ways that a bright white smile design is valuable in your effort to land a new job — or even seek promotions:

  • Self-Esteem. Feeling good about your smile is an important component of self-esteem. We’ve all seen individuals cover up their smile or stop themselves from smiling to cover up their humiliation of crooked or missing teeth. A beautiful, healthy smile gives you the confidence to smile proudly and be yourself without hiding from the world. Exuding poise is key to career advancement, whether you’re going in for a job interview — or simply trying to nurture a raise in your near future.
  • Connection. Are you afraid to make new connections because you’re self-conscious of your teeth? It’s a given fact that a smile puts others at ease. A stunning smile can be advantageous during a job interview. That winning smile can work wonders to ease the tension and create a connection with the person interviewing you.
  • Productive. Smile! Yes, go ahead and smile. Right now, that smile on your face makes you appear more likable and courteous — and competent. That smile can land a promotion. It will help you come across as a hardworking employee because studies have shown that happy employees are the most productive.

Do you smile a lot? Do you believe that a bright white smile can help make you seem more personable and can give you an advantage on the competition? Whether interviewing for a job or just looking to make a good first impression, the bright whites and overall alignment of teeth is a catalyst for expectations regarding success, acceptance, intelligence, and overall general health.

So, how do you improve your smile which will, in turn — help you achieve career success. Clear Aligners are one way to straighten your teeth, but you can also refashion your smile by visiting us for Ameneers (fiberglass veneers that transform your smile without changing your original tooth structure), dental crowns, dental implants and in-office professional teeth whitening. Our motto is “Dentistry isn’t expensive, neglect is!”. Invest in your teeth and reap the benefits! Contact us today!

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