Dr. Amer on Dubai TV Talking About Laser Anti Snoring Treatment

Dr. Amer on Dubai TV Talking About Laser Anti Snoring Treatment

Dubai Dentist, Dr Amer was asked by Dubai TV to be a guest on their popular morning show “Good Morning Dubai” on Monday March 25th to talk about Laser Anti Snoring treatment.

During the interview, Dr Amer discussed the increasing demand and popularity for Laser Anti Snoring due to the fact that it is non-invasive, painless, quick and requires no down time so patients are out of the chair and back to their normal routine immediately.

“Men are more prone than women to snore due to the fact that their airways are naturally smaller”. Dr Amer explained. “Age, cigarette smoking, and being overweight are also factors”, he added.

Dr Amer was asked about the treatment technique used, how many sessions are normally required, the treatment success rate, risks, outcome and compared both the surgical and non-surgical laser anti snoring treatments. When asked how many treatment sessions are normally required, Dr Amer explained, “Patients come in three times over a six-week period and each appointment takes approximately 15 minutes”.

Complications of snoring are not only a nuisance and a disturbance to your spouse; your sleep quality is affected as well as causing serious health issues including sleep apnea, a condition affecting a person’s ability to breathe.

Just about everyone snores occasionally, but if you or someone you love regularly snores at night, schedule an appointment to see if our painless, non-invasive Laser Anti Snoring Treatment is an option. Call us on 04-3952005

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