Ditch the Razor, Start Laser!

why to choose laser hair removal

Ditch the Razor, Start Laser!

Laser Hair Removal at The Dental Spa


We all know how gruesome hair removal can be. Whether it’s shaving, waxing, epilating or any other form of hair removal, there always seems to be a downside. With shaving, the hair removal process comes along with having to do it often, itching of course both strengthening of hair and the increase of hair growth. Waxing also comes with its disadvantages including pain and discomfort, the cost and ingrown hairs and unsightly bumps as a result of the ingrown hairs.

In fact, Laser Hair Removal is not just for Women. Men are opting to also remove unwanted body hair permanently with the use of Laser. For those who grow up with unwanted body hair, deciding on Laser Hair Removal is a safe option from the age of 13 years old. One of our patients, Lara, confesses: “I had always heard through the grapevine that Laser Hair Removal treatment was a great way to permanently get rid of body hair, and could not wait until I went ahead with it to put the troubles of these other techniques to rest once and for all”.

We offer advanced, effective and reasonably priced laser hair removal service for both males and females and our team of experts are well equipped to create a unique experience for each patient and ensure he or she is catered for depending on their individual needs.

Using our new NDYAG with cooling Laser Hair Removal system, our Laser hair removal treatment is proven to be a safe, comfortable, pain-free, effective and affordable. Our qualified and experienced Laser Therapist will ensure that a treatment plan is recommended especially for you after a personal and thorough exam and consultation is carried out.


Here are 6 Reasons why you should be ditching the Razor and having Laser


1- No Ingrown Hairs
Patients who suffer from unsightly and painful ingrown hairs will be pleased to know that not only will you not get ingrown hairs with Laser, it will actually help improve them.

2- Cost Effective
Laser Hair Removal actually saves you time and money on the long run. Most patients require approximately 4-6 sessions and then maintenance sessions once or twice a year. Compare that to a lifetime of monthly waxing appointments or razors and creams on a weekly or daily basis and it makes financial sense to invest in Laser Hair Removal.

3- It’s Safe
Not only is Laser Hair Removal safe, it is noninvasive and there are generally no side effects if carried out by a qualified and experience Laser Therapist.

4- It’s Fast
Depending on the area you want to have treated, it’s pretty quick. The average appointment time is approximately 30 minutes and can be carried out during your lunch hour.

5- It doesn’t hurt
Whilst some patients report a light zapping tingling sensation, treatment is painless.

6- You don’t have to wait for Hair Growth
Unlike waxing, there is no need to wait for hair to grow prior to having treatment. You can shave as often as you like in between sessions. Sessions are generally a month apart so that the laser precisely targets and destroys the active hair follicles.

What some of our Patients have to say.

“After I went for Laser Hair Removal at the Dental Spa, the hair that was growing on my beard and chest started growing less frequently and I was happy that I didn’t have to shave any more. I actually have very sensitive skin, and even when I’m carefully shaving and doing so properly – I end up with ingrown hairs when I shave”, patient Mark from the UK explains.

Another Patient, Donna from Canada says, “Amazing immediate results. It was more than I was expecting. My consultation for Laser Hair Removal in Dubai at The Dental Spa went very well and everything was explained without rushing. I felt comfortable and confident about the procedure. The Therapist was professional, friendly and I was a comfortable settling in for the procedure with her. She made all the difference and adjusted the treatment to meet my needs”.

Don’t put it off. Start treatment now.

If a safe, affordable, permanent solution to unwanted hair is what you are looking for, laser hair removal is definitely the way to go.

Call 04-3952005 and find out about our affordable package prices and be on your way to Smooth skin!

Ditch the Razor, Start Laser!
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