Our doctors are available to care for you around the clock , seven days a week.


Beauty is about enhancing what you have, let yourself shine through with our industry-leading doctors.


Immerse in our services in a soothing and relaxing spa-like environment.

Restoring Health, Beauty, Vitality & Balance

Your satisfaction is always our prime focus at The DentalSPA.

Laser Treatments

Stimulate, Heal and Restore your skin with our Low Level Dermatological Therapy at The DentalSPA in Dubai.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We have a well-deserved reputation for the quality of our Dental care and patients consistently refer to us as ‘one of the best Dentists in Dubai’.


Our Dermatology Department is highly regarded and has a solid reputation for its excellence in diagnosing and treating all things related to skin, hair and nails.


Aging is a natural phenomenon succumbing our skin to the power of time. We’re all young at heart but our inner youth need not be hindered by our appearance.

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Mrs. Kean

Dentistry & Smile Makeover Treatment

Nibal Christofides

Smile Makeover & Treatment

Mark Riggs

Dentistry & Smile Makeover, Treatment for men

Your Satisfaction Is Always Our Prime Focus At The DentalSpa

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