Dental Emergency

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We care for you around the clock

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24/7 Emergency Dental Clinic in Dubai

Let’s be honest, accidents occur, there’s no stopping them. Especially, if you take part in extreme or vigorous sports you can place yourself into vulnerable positions where you may seriously get hurt, particularly in team sports such as soccer, rugby or basketball, where it can turn out to be exceptionally aggressive. Well, that’s just the nature of the games and how competitively we participate in them and in the event that you’ve had an injury to the mouth or jaw, you’ll need to see an emergency dentist straightaway. Postponing treatment for a dental emergency can only increase the risk of permanent damage later on, which could convert into a more extensive and expensive treatment. And if you’re hurting, a 24-hour emergency dentist can offer assistance. So whether you’ve been suffering from a broken tooth, have lost a filling or are desperately seeking remedies for a toothache, don’t delay treatment for your dental emergency any further.
Fortunately, in some cases, a tooth can be spared depending upon the damage and how quickly you reach out to Emergency Dentist in Dubai at The Dental SPA.Capture

                                                                                            24/7 Emergency Dental Care

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Schedule an Appointment with an Emergency Dentist in Dubai

The sudden toothache that awakens you in the middle of the night. Crunchy snacks that cracks a tooth or dislodges a filling. The sudden mishap that knocks out a tooth. Any of these can mean agony, discomfort and difficulty interfering with the daily activities such as eating, drinking and even sleeping.
But, what else do dental emergencies have in common?

Anxiety – distress – concern – It’s completely natural.

Many people don’t know what to do when facing a dental emergency.
Is it alright to take painkillers? Would it be a good idea to rush to the hospital?
Is there anything you can or ought to do while sitting tight for treatment?

So many queries arouse in one’s mind – but in an emergency, you should know where to look for the answers. When you encounter a dental emergency, and your dentist isn’t available – Fear not for Dr. Amer, an emergency dentist in Dubai is available for you 24/7.

Come into The Dental SPA, the dental clinic in Dubai.

He’ll help you understand what you should do – and what you shouldn’t.

You can visit at your own time and convenience or come into The Dental SPA at the earliest opportunity so the pain can be treated. You may find at times Laser Dentistry might be necessary depending upon the results of your consultation.

Contact our Emergency dental hospital in Dubai, The Dental SPA to consult a real dental professional, and help you get an appointment at the dental clinic as soon as possible.

Ease It Out With Dr. Amer for Dental Emergency

Injuring or losing a tooth outside of opening hours can be frustrating especially on the off chance that you aren’t able to find a dentist that opens for longer hours in-case of an emergency dental treatment. The Dental SPA Dubai, dental clinic in Dubai caters for these instances and is accessible even after hours.

If you take immediate action to save your tooth with an emergency treatment. When you call to make an appointment explain what happened and Dr. Amer or one of our team of specialists can advise you in the most-effective manner to look after your tooth until you reach our establishment. It would be best that you see Dr. Amer (Emergency dentist) as soon as possible to have better chances at rescuing your tooth. Even if you have managed to dislodge your tooth it would still be best to see Dr. Amer immediately for a Dental Emergency in Dubai, not only can he relieve your pain and discomfort he can also save you from losing your tooth.

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