A little more about our resident Cosmetic and Laser Dentist, Dr Amer

dr. amer best dentist in dubai

A little more about our resident Cosmetic and Laser Dentist, Dr Amer

Dr.Amer_Born and raised in Egypt and later attending University and working in Canada, our resident Cosmetic and Laser Dentist, Dr Amer moved to the UAE in 2000, when he was invited to the country to work at a government hospital in Al Ain before establishing the Dental SPA in 2005.

Dr Amer prides himself on his globally respected credentials and skill set, having studied at the prestigious University of British Columbia in Canada, and with a wealth of knowledge accumulated throughout his 28 years as a practicing dentist, he understands the importance of consistently updating himself on new technologies available within the dental industry on a global platform. This allows him to stay on top of his game not only regionally, but globally too.

Dr Amer’s passion however, lies in Laser Dentistry, and he makes sure to attend annual conferences for laser innovation across the globe in order to be able to consistently offer his patients treatments featuring the newest technology available. He has gained a Master’s Degree in Laser Dentistry from the prestigious German, Aachen University and, along with just a handful of other dentists across the world, while studying this degree, was announced an Ambassador in laser dentistry. He is also currently obtaining an additional Master’s Degree in Temporomandubular Joint Disorders (TMJ) from the highly accredited University of Vienna, which will allow him to offer his patients even more advanced pain, headache and migranine solutions. Considered an expert in Laser Dentistry, Dr Amer thrives on being able to offer his patients a variety of pain-free, non-invasive dental treatments that help to not only treat clinical issues but help his patients to gain increased confidence and comfort through the cosmetic dental treatments that he offers them.

Dr Amer has also spent the past few years creating his very own treatments which are exclusive to the Dental SPA and have accumulated a loyal following within the Middle Eastern region. Thanks to the rise of the celebrity culture around the world, smile make-overs, often referred to as a ‘Hollywood Smile’ or ‘Custom-Designed Smile’ have gained massive popularity and today, one of Dr Amer’s most requested treatments is his Ameneers dental treatment which he created. Similar to veneers, which traditionally see a thick layer of porcelain attached to the surface of the tooth to correct the shape, colour and alignment, Dr Amer has developed Ameneers as a brand new, high-tech generation of veneers, which are non-invasive and require absolutely no cutting of the viable tooth structure. Made from feather-light fibreglass, which help to match the natural radiance of the tooth, Ameneers are as thin as a contact lens and can be bonded directly to the surface of the tooth helping to create a comfortable, natural cover, which makes them a more wearable solution

Also highly trained in Clear Aligners, which are a popular alternative to braces, Dr Amer experimented with these in their early development and in the early stages of FDA approval in Canada. With dentistry solutions advancing significantly over the years, this development has given people, no matter their age, many options to reposition their teeth without having to suffer the embarrassment and discomfort of outdated ‘Train-Track’ braces.

Dr Amer is changing the way that people view dentists in the region thanks to his use of innovative laser technology and is extremely proud of the reputation that he has established for himself in Dubai as being a dentist who is not only able to offer his patients a variety of general and cosmetic treatments using state of the art technology, but is also renowned for the caring, comfortable atmosphere that he has created within the Dental SPA. Dr Amer’s laser dentistry has become a favourite among parents wanting to offer their children a more soothing dental experience, thanks to the reduced pain and noise often associated with a trip to the dentist, and his two daughters hail as his biggest fans.

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