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Dubai’s Leading Dental and Dermatological Medical Centre

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Who We Are

Established in Dubai in 2005, The DentalSPA Dental and Medical Center provides the very best quality in Dental and Dermatology Care with the industry leading Laser Technology for treatments, all within a soothing and relaxing spa-like environment. We bring together a team of highly trained and certified experts, dedicated to restoring health, beauty, vitality and balance. Our dentists are also available 24/7 for any dental emergencies you may have after hours.

What We Do

Our ethos is simple: the secret to well-being is to empower ourselves with an awareness of all the latest technology and treatments available. There are everyday things you can do to maintain and enhance your health and beauty, but there are other times when you need to depend on the experts.


The DentalSPA offers premium dental, dermatology services all in a relaxing atmosphere. Our dentists and doctors come with  decades of experience in providing excellence in Dubai and our clients are testament to the ongoing trust and respect they have for our medical expertise, premium service and bespoke experiences.

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Meet Our Experts

Dr Amer

Dr. A. Amer


Dr. Hoshy

Prof. Dr. El-Hoshy


Erica The Dental SPA

Erica Cabanban

 Laser Therapist

Natalie Dental Hygenist Dental SPA

Natalie Elyas

Dental Hygienist

What Our Patients Say

Lee Kean

Smile Makeover & Treatment, Dental Whitening

Mr. Abdullah

Dentistry, Smile Makeover & Treatment

Nibal Christofides

Smile Makeover & Treatment

Jason Hird

Smile Makeover & Treatment, Dental Whitening

Mrs. Kean

Dentistry & Smile Makeover Treatment

Mark Riggs

Dentistry & Smile Makeover, Treatment for men

Mrs. Marie


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